VoIP Then & Now: An Evolution in Voice Communication

A Historical glance at VoIP Back in 1973, the government was conducting experiments in data transmissions of voice communication whilst working on the project ARPANET which would later blossom into the Internet we know and rely on today. Over the next two decades, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) would develop not becoming commercially available until […]

Hosted VoIP and The Benefits to the Education System


The Communication Needs of The Administration Most people immediately think of the needs of the students and their futures when considering the education system, and rightfully so. We consider the teachers and their classrooms along with their needs for supplies. We tend to overlook the administration behind the curtain. The people who handle the day […]

Could updating to a hosted phone system change the dynamic of your workforce?


    Today’s communication culture Today’s businesses are benefiting from a new, enhanced work environment and culture. Industry professionals are finding enhanced productivity, higher family morale, and overall better job satisfaction with the flexibility to work from home. With employees in mind, we can allow our businesses to break free from the normative work schedule […]