Benefits of Moving Your School Phone System to the Cloud 

teacher using a school phone system

As an educational decision-maker, you have countless topics to research. Unless you are in a newer building, you are probably dealing with constant maintenance and repair. Along with this, you probably have antiquated services as well. If that’s the case for your phone service, it’s time for an upgrade. Once you do upgrade, you will be shocked at the newest features and benefits of a cloud-based school phone system.  

The bells and whistles that come with a cloud-based school phone system can improve communication, promote safety, and improve efficiency overall. Below we will focus on just a few of the roles in your building and a couple features of a cloud-based phone system that can really benefit these roles.  


Administrators at an educational institution have a tough job. They are constantly being pulled in several directions at once. As the party responsible, they need to be connected to the school board, the staff, the students, and the students’ guardians. That’s a lot for what could be a very small team of people. Any solution that improves the communication between key stakeholders and administration should be looked at further.  

School phone system features perfect for admin

Messaging- Administrators need to communicate instantaneously with several people at once. A great school phone system includes messaging as part of the platform. That means users don’t need multiple programs and several tabs open to collaborate or communicate quickly.   

Blasts- Along the lines of communicating to several people at once, administrators can use cloud-based school phone systems to send emails to mass amounts of stakeholders at one time all through the same platform that operates their voice calls, email, messaging, and more.  

Office Staff 

As you know, the office staff of a school is often an integral part of the day-to-day operations that make an educational facility work. Did you know that a cloud-based school phone system can simplify their job and end the inefficient flipping between several different tabs and programs?  

School phone system features perfect for office staff:  

Announcements- A cloud-based phone system can connect to your intercom system. Through the system, you can make announcements to the whole building, or isolated sections. This means you do not have to disturb the whole building if you only need to announce to one or two classrooms.  

Safety- Even better, a cloud-based school phone system can connect to local first responders. With the average wait time for first responders to be on scene after a 911 call being 11 minutes, seconds matter. This means that you can save precious minutes if a disastrous situation were to occur. 

Multi-building Employees 

Maintenance, special services, administrators, and teachers are among a few of the staff members that often need to perform their jobs outside of the physical school building. School phone systems operated through the cloud can come with the option of softphone applications. Softphone applications are downloaded onto mobile devices and allow the user to access the phone system wherever they have internet access.  

This means that school employees can access their phone system from professional development locations, remote learning locations, field trips, or virtually anywhere.  

The Right School Phone System

These handful of features just scratch the surface of what cloud-based school phone systems can do. For instance, you can not only do all of the above, but also perform audio and video conferencing (hello, more convenient parent/teacher conferences) and so much more.  

Here at All Tel Networks, we know that as a leader, you have come up with solutions to all these issues using whatever means necessary. We are here to help you. All these features are included in our unified communications solution plus a whole lot more. Give us a call today and we can help you simplify your communications!