2023’s Best School Phone Systems: Enhancing Learning 

Best Phone Systems for Schools in 2023

There’s no denying that phone systems have become an integral part of any school’s communication infrastructure. With students, teachers, and parents constantly needing to stay in touch, it’s important for schools to have reliable and efficient phone systems that can handle all communication needs.  

But all phone systems aren’t created equal.  

The best phone systems for schools in 2020 aren’t the best phone systems for schools in 2023. Needs have shifted, and priorities have changed. But we here at All Tel Networks are here to help! In this blog post, we’ll talk about the features and functions schools should prioritize when hunting for the best phone systems for schools in 2023. And how they can get all those features on one simple platform with SQUIBIT. Let’s get started! 

What the Best Phone Systems Offer to Schools 

We’ve already touched on the basic features a hosted VoIP phone system can offer schools. But now it’s time to talk about the major differentiators – the features that cloud-based phone systems like SQUIBIT provide, ones that are specifically designed for your schools’ unique needs. The best phone systems for schools in 2023: 

1. Integrate with Learning Management Systems

The best phone systems for schools in 2023 integrate with other educational systems that handle attendance taking, grading, etc.  
For instance, SQUIBIT can be easily integrated with existing student information systems, allowing educators and administrators to access student data and communicate with parents and staff directly from SQUIBIT’s platform. No more double or triple logging or hunting down information on different systems. Now you’ve got everything you need in one convenient location.  

The SQUIBIT platform allows educators to manage their courses – and launch virtual classrooms – quickly and easily straight from the platform. 

2. Are Equipped with Virtual Classroom Capabilities

We’re used to UC platforms providing virtual meetings for businesses. Why should it be any different for school systems? The best phone systems for schools in 2023 should offer a virtual classroom functionality that’s simple, flexible, and not offered at an additional cost. 
Here are a few specific features to look for: 

  • Interactive whiteboards  
  • Screen sharing 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Lecture recording and playback 
  • Breakout rooms 
  • Attendance tracking 
  • User & role management (assigning teachers and students to specific classes) 

Check out SQUIBIT’s virtual classroom setup. From this screen, educators can easily give pop quizzes, track attendance, see who asked what question, record specific teaching sessions, and so much more! 

3. Offer Built-In Call Monitoring & Recording for Audio & Video Files

Sometimes, a student cannot capture everything a teacher says. And teachers don’t always have the time to go back and review the lesson with each student. So, the ability to record and playback lectures is a must-have for schools – especially those with virtual learning programs.  
Call monitoring is also useful for schools because it helps ensure quality and accuracy in communication between administrators, teachers, and parents. Plus, if there is ever a disagreement or dispute about what was said during a phone call, the recording can be reviewed to determine what was said.  
SQUIBIT can do both. 

4. Empower School-Wide Announcements & Alerts

Time is of the essence when it comes to announcing schedule changes or when sending out emergency alerts. This is why the best phone systems for schools in 2023 can integrate with the paging system. That way, the administrative team can initiate important broadcasts directly from their phones, making it easier to communicate quickly with staff and students. 
SQUIBIT can easily integrate with multiple types of overhead paging systems, allowing schools to send out automated voice alerts to all staff and students in the building, ensuring that everyone stays informed and safe. 

5. Provide Multiple Ways to Communicate with Students & Parents

Speaking of texting, the best phone systems can provide educators and administrators with multiple conversation channels – from phone calls to instant messaging to texting – all on one convenient platform. 
For example, SQUIBIT can not only text-enable your current phone numbers and store all sent and received messages in a secure database but also is equipped with a secure mobile app that allows teachers to easily communicate with parents and students via text messaging. 

So, to sum up, the best phone systems for schools in 2023 are those that offer features specifically designed for the unique needs of schools. Systems like SQUIBIT offer a range of features, from emergency alerts to virtual classrooms. That makes communication between students, teachers, and parents more efficient and effective.

By investing in the right phone system, schools can ensure that they are equipped to handle any communication needs that may arise. 

Get the Best of the Best with SQUIBIT 

Don’t miss out on SQUIBIT, the school-specific meeting platform (and phone system) offered by All Tel. SQUIBIT customization meets the specific needs of your school and provides a user-friendly experience that can rival even Google Classroom. By upgrading your communication and collaboration with SQUIBIT, you can watch your school thrive! Interested in learning more? Or maybe getting a sneak peek at our virtual quizzing and grading advancements? Get in touch with All Tel Networks today, and we’d be happy to get you started!