5 Best Practices For Upgrading To UCaaS

people talking about upgrading to ucaas on video call

As you know, following best practices in your business is very important. Did you know that there are best practices when upgrading your communications platform?  Below, we will go over 5 best practices for upgrading to UCaaS and a few hints on how to follow through with these best practices. 

Upgrading to UCaaS Best Practice 1: Employee Usage 

First, you should do an audit of your employees. Find out what communications avenues they use the most, and where their needs are. This will help you decide which features to focus on when you upgrade to UCaaS.  

Upgrading to UCaaS Best Practice 2: Focus on Your Needs 

The needs of your company will be different than every other company, and UCaaS offers features and functions that can cater to businesses of all sizes. When you researched employee usage, it should have given you an idea of what features your company needed. Remember, as your business grows or gets comfortable with functions and features, you can always add more.  

Upgrading to UCaaS Best Practice 3: Empower Employees 

Transparency with your employees is key to a positive work environment. When you are doing your initial investigation into what programs and platforms they use, let them know that you are looking into a new UCaaS solution. Once you have made your decision, tell them what your timeline is for installation and implementation. Letting them prepare themselves can help ease any tension that may come from the inevitable change.  

Upgrading to UCaaS Best Practice 4: Documentation 

As you begin to work with your UCaaS solution, you need to document any issues you may have. The best way to get help with your solution is to have as many details as possible. That way your provider can help troubleshoot as quickly as possible.  

Best Practice 5: All for One, One for All 

In order to get the most “bang for your buck,” you need to migrate as many employees as you can at a time. You do not want some employees working on old and outdated solutions with others working on the new UCaaS system. The only way to get the most out of your solution is for the whole team to be working on it together. Your provider should offer you and your team training in order to get everyone migrated as soon as possible.  

Best Practices with All Tel Networks 

All Tel Networks is here to help you follow through with these upgrading best practices. The highly trained technicians of All Tel Networks are on standby to help you and your employees enjoy the perfect communications solution for you. Schedule a call with All Tel Networks today!