Revolutionize School Communication with Collaborative Solutions: Enhance Engagement and Productivity

Collaborative communication solutions for schools

Revolutionary. It’s a buzzword these days, but when it comes to collaborative communication solutions for schools. It’s difficult to argue that they don’t deserve the label. These tools have changed the way teachers connect with students and how students learn. They are no longer restricted to the physical classroom, as these tools enable the digitalization of every part of the learning process.   

The benefits of using these collaborative communication tools are many. From increased student involvement and teacher productivity to improved academic outcomes, these tools are helping to revolutionize school communication and improve engagement. Read on to find out how collaborative communication solutions for schools can optimize schools.  

What are Collaborative Communication Solutions for Schools?  

Collaborative communication solutions for schools are software tools and platforms that enable seamless communication and cooperation among school personnel, students, and parents. These technologies are specifically intended for the education sector and can assist in increasing participation and productivity within school communities.  

How are they revolutionary?  

These solutions go beyond back-and-forth communication. Think of them as a virtual classroom where you can digitize the day-to-day of a physical classroom. Teachers create a virtual classroom to post assignments, communicate with students, and monitor progress. Students can access the classroom, complete assignments from any device, attach files and share them with teachers and classmates. 

Such solutions eliminate the stress of keeping education going whenever students or teachers can’t be in the same physical place for any reason.   

Introducing SQUIBIT: The Collaboration Platform For Classrooms! 

Think about all the digital classroom solutions you know, fuse them into one, and you’ll get SQUIBIT. All Tel Networks’ unique web meeting platform was developed to help educators and improve academic outcomes for students. SQUIBIT includes all the features teachers need to simplify the process of creating educational content, distributing it to students, grading assignments, and teaching remotely.   

So, do you SQUIBIT? If not, now is the time to take your school’s communication to the next level and unlock its full potential! But before we get there, you might be wondering, “What else can this tool do for me?” We’re glad you asked. 

What are the Benefits of Using SQUIBIT?  

There are so many! Besides being a solution that makes teaching easier overall, SQUIBIT has a wide range of features meant to modernize education through technology. Some of the benefits of these features include:  

Increased involvement:   

By using collaborative communication tools, you can interact with students and parents more meaningfully. You can, for example, use chat features to answer inquiries and handle issues rapidly, or you can offer stimulating multimedia content.  

Not all students learn the same way, and SQUIBIT allows students to learn at their own pace with recorded classes and the ability to review past teaching materials. Furthermore, SQUIBIT facilitates using different teaching methods to make even the most boring classes a fun experience for students and teachers.  

Check out SQUIBIT’s virtual classroom setup. From this screen, educators can easily give pop quizzes and track attendance. They can also see who asked what question, record specific teaching sessions, and so much more!

Increased productivity:  

Collaborative communication solutions for schools – like SQUIBIT – can also help you streamline your communication procedures, saving you time and money. You can lower the number of emails and phone calls you receive. Also, you can boost the efficiency of your school’s day-to-day operations by adopting a centralized platform like SQUIBIT.  

As a teacher or staff member, it will be a lifesaver to be able to keep all of the information that you need in one place. Oh, and did we mention SQUIBIT also integrates with LMS platforms – saving you even more time and energy? 

The SQUIBIT platform allows educators to manage their courses – and launch virtual classrooms – quickly and easily straight from the platform.

Improved academic outcomes:  

By encouraging improved communication and collaboration among staff, students, and parents, you can improve academic performance in your school. For example, you may use SQUIBIT to share learning resources, assignments, and comments to help students remain on track and improve their performance.  

And so much more!  

So, Do You SQUIBIT?  

Are you ready to take your school’s communication to the next level? All Tel Network’s SQUIBIT platform gives you the power of collaborative communication with just one simple login. Unlock your school’s full potential today – get in touch with our experts and start a free trial now!