4 Essential Unified Communications Features for Small Businesses 

people using unified communications features on computer

If you’re one of the 400 million small businesses worldwide you know how challenging it can be to find a unified communications (UC) system that’s the right fit for you. Some systems don’t allow you to customize your communications at all, nickel-and-diming you for every feature you want to add. Others have too much customization, a library full of features you’re not sure if you need and you’re not familiar with. If you’re in this situation, don’t worry! We here at All Tel Networks have taken the time to compile a quick list of must-have unified communications features for any small business. 

Unified Communications Features: Robust Integration Capabilities 

From CRMs to billing programs, small businesses have quite a lot of software requirements. Employees and owners alike spend a lot of time logging into and out of various programs – often to log the same information. You can eliminate this time suck by choosing a UC system that can integrate with your other software. This unified communications feature allows you and your employees to log into one system to see all relevant customer information. Noticing a lot of tickets logged under one customer in the CRM? Call them immediately straight from the application. Need to find a specific call log to refresh your memory about a customer conversation? It’s been automatically saved to your CRM from your UC Platform. And that’s just one integration option! Many UC platforms can integrate with billing systems, customer support software, task management tools, and more. 

Unified Communications Features: Softphone Capabilities 

Prior to the pandemic, it was estimated that 66% of small business owners manage operations on their personal mobile device. We can only imagine how much the usage surged during the pandemic. Which is why a crucial unified communications feature is a softphone. A softphone is a mobile application that allows you and your employees to transform any device into a business phone. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, a softphone allows you to take and make calls from wherever you are. No more handing out your personal cell phone to customers or getting rejected because your number wasn’t recognized by clients. Some UC solutions allow you to manage your settings, check voicemail, and instant message coworkers right from the softphone application. 

Unified Communications Features: Built-In Call Security & Encryption 

While we’re discussing softphones and their importance to small businesses, that leads us to another important unified communications feature: call security. Due to budget constraints, many small businesses function under a “Bring Your Own Device” policy. Employees and owners utilize the laptops, smartphones, and desktops they already have to handle any business communication. While convenient, and cost-effective, this kind of policy can put sensitive information at risk. What if their laptop doesn’t have the latest firewall installed? What if they’ve accidentally downloaded a malicious app to their personal cell phone? Important information could be compromised. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a unified communications solution with state-of-the-art security and encryption measures. 

Features: Advanced Call Routing & Management 

The unified communications feature of call management and routing is one that might get overlooked. But, when used correctly, it can not only boost your reputation for professionalism in the marketplace, but it can also improve your customer service. How?  

For starters, an auto attendant is a simple way to give your company a big business feel while still providing personalized care. Routing callers through these automated prompts also reduces spam calls, preventing you and your employees from being needlessly interrupted.  

In customer service situations, call routing features help customers reach who they want to reach when they want to reach them. Instead of dealing with a millennia’s worth of hold music, or being sent to voicemail, their call can be automatically routed elsewhere. Simultaneous ring sends the call to every registered device at once, making sure whoever’s being called gets the message. Find Me/Follow Me goes down a list of chosen devices, ringing a certain number of times before moving ahead to the next viable option. With unified communications features like these, your customers will feel heard and connected. And your employees won’t miss any important calls. 

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