Hosted VoIP for Schools 

voip for schools

Outdated communication methods are simply not reliable anymore in any industry, and for this reason many are moving towards newer technologies like hosted VoIP for schools. Schools and educational institutions need trustable phone systems to operate.  

Internal communications between faculty, staff and administrators as well as external communications with parents and students always happen, and a strong phone system can make these communications seamless. VoIP for schools can be an affordable and efficient choice as a communication system. 

Do Schools Need VoIP? 

To this day the majority of schools still use traditional landlines as their phone systems. Landlines are the ‘old-school’ analog phone systems that were commonly used across all industries for years. VoIP, on the other hand, is a relatively new technology that uses an IP (internet) connection to connect your calls. Because you can use a hosted VoIP system from any device that has an internet connection, it has become a highly reliable communication tool that many businesses are gravitating towards. 

Schools have a high volume of communications going on every day. For this reason, choosing a VoIP system is a smarter choice. It gives you the reliability of having a phone system that can be used from any device. Just as long as the internet is up and running. VoIP for schools can be a tool that will save administrators from difficult circumstances. 

Is Hosted or Cloud Based Better for Schools? 

These two terms are very similar, but they aren’t exactly the same. A hosted solution generally uses an on-site server to keep your software while a cloud-based solution refers to a cloud system that is hosted by your provider. Some providers use these terms interchangeably. So just make sure you are paying attention to where your software will be kept while negotiating.  

Why does this matter? Most service providers are highly reliable, and you’ll find that most will offer safety features that will keep your communications private. Your provider keeping the software on their cloud means they have your back whenever something goes wrong, it takes the stress and annoying equipment out of your hands (and your office).  

While both are good options, security is one of the most important features when thinking about VoIP for schools. So, while both hosted or cloud based are good options, make sure you choose a provider that offers excellent security features.  

What Makes VoIP for Schools Great? 

The world of VoIP can give administrators, faculty, stakeholders, students and even families a wide array of awesome features to make their communications better. VoIP for schools is an excellent choice to take your school’s communications to a new level. Some of the benefits of VoIP for schools include: 

  • Scalability: A VoIP phone system is easy to change at any point in time. Let’s say your staff starts growing and you need to add more lines, with a VoIP system this is easy to do, and you don’t need to set up any complicated appointments with your provider to do so. 
  • Security: As mentioned before, these systems come packed full of security features that encrypt your communications, so you can safely share any sensitive information with faculty and staff.  
  • Easy to Manage: Features like web portals or apps make it easy for you to manage VoIP communication software. Most of the time you’ll have everything you need on the same platform. 
  • Flexibility: Anyone on the school staff would be able to take their communications with them as they go. Whether they have to work remotely for any reason, or there’s communications between people in different locations, VoIP can work wherever you take it.  
  • More than just calls: VoIP phone systems have other communication features such as video conferencing, SMS messaging and so much more! 
  • Affordability: VoIP for schools can be a more cost-effective alternative than regular phone systems. With up-front monthly payments you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees.  

VoIP for Schools: Use Cases 

By installing and deploying a VOIP solution in your school, you’re enabling a wide range of communication options. 

  • Emergency Alerts. There’s no bigger priority for a school than the safety of its students and staff. A VoIP solution allows the school to send emergency alerts to its staff with text messages, emails, and phone calls. This allows the staff to keep students away from potential danger and the alerts can be deployed from anywhere. 
  • Sync clocks and bells. A VoIP system enables simple integration into your bells and schedules allowing your school to communicate schedules. Schedule changes update in real-time and they also integrate into your emergency response systems. This also eliminates the need for manual work and costly repairs and upgrades. 
  • Overhead paging. The paging feature of a VoIP service allows you to use your VoIP phones to make public announcements to certain persons or groups. They can be heard through the phone or your PA speakers. 

Choose AllTel Networks for your Communications Solutions: 

Over here at All Tel networks, we offer a state-of-the-art communications platform your school can trust. Enhancing your communications with our services is the first step towards a solid and reliable communication system that will always have your back. Take your communications to the cloud so we can worry about your communications operations while you worry about the hard work that running a school takes. If you are ready to unleash the power of VoIP, get in touch with us today and our team of experts will gladly guide you through this journey.