Revolutionize virtual learning with SQUIBIT

Feeling frustrated with a scattered online learning approach? Then SQUIBIT is your answer! Our platform provides comprehensive virtual classrooms, conferencing and collaboration, making online education a breeze for both students and educators.

squibit platform

Streamline the virtual classroom experience for educators

SQUIBIT simplifies online course creation and management for teachers. It allows them to conduct quizzes, track participation, integrate with LMS platforms, & more.

Foster a Collaborative Learning Environment for Students

SQUIBIT is a single online hub that simplifies your students’ in-class experience, from attending fully interactive virtual classrooms, to reviewing auto-recorded lectures & homework updates.

SQUIBIT is packed with features that your whole school can enjoy

SQUIBIT was built to make online education as simple as possible, with features that benefit teachers and students alike. Now you can let teachers do what they do best -teach- and provide students with an unforgettable learning experience without breaking your budget.

Portals for students & teachers

Both students and teachers have access to the appropriate information and resources needed for their success. We've even included a portal for school administrators, too!

Interactive classrooms

Allow educators to facilitate student engagement, collaboration, and the sharing of ideas, with features like screensharing, real-time messaging, virtual whiteboards, and more!

online course manager

Easily add or remove students, reschedule classes, edit homework assignments, and manage an educator's courseload from our single, user-friendly interface.

simple class scheduling

Creating classes and meetings has never been better, whether it's a spur-of-the-moment call, a one-time meeting, or a recurring online class

easy LMS integrations

Establish seamless data transfers between different systems, drastically reducing your educators' workload.

automated attendance & more

Teachers can automatically take role, grade quizzes in real-time, record lectures, send reminders to students, & more!


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