Streamline Your School District Communication with a Powerful Platform: Enhance Collaboration and Engagement! 

classroom School district communication platform

Effective communication is a critical component of any successful organization, but in the context of school systems, it can mean the difference between thriving or floundering. Despite the importance of communication, many schools struggle to keep all stakeholders connected and informed. This is where SQUIBIT comes in – a revolutionary school district communication platform that […]

2023’s Best School Phone Systems: Enhancing Learning 

Best Phone Systems for Schools in 2023

There’s no denying that phone systems have become an integral part of any school’s communication infrastructure. With students, teachers, and parents constantly needing to stay in touch, it’s important for schools to have reliable and efficient phone systems that can handle all communication needs.   But all phone systems aren’t created equal.   The best phone systems […]

5 Best Practices For Upgrading To UCaaS

people talking about upgrading to ucaas on video call

As you know, following best practices in your business is very important. Did you know that there are best practices when upgrading your communications platform?  Below, we will go over 5 best practices for upgrading to UCaaS and a few hints on how to follow through with these best practices.  Upgrading to UCaaS Best Practice […]

Benefits of Moving Your School Phone System to the Cloud 

teacher using a school phone system

As an educational decision-maker, you have countless topics to research. Unless you are in a newer building, you are probably dealing with constant maintenance and repair. Along with this, you probably have antiquated services as well. If that’s the case for your phone service, it’s time for an upgrade. Once you do upgrade, you will […]

4 Essential Unified Communications Features for Small Businesses 

people using unified communications features on computer

If you’re one of the 400 million small businesses worldwide you know how challenging it can be to find a unified communications (UC) system that’s the right fit for you. Some systems don’t allow you to customize your communications at all, nickel-and-diming you for every feature you want to add. Others have too much customization, […]

Why You Need a Business Phone System 

man using a business phone system

Business communications have changed dramatically over the last few years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, companies of all shapes and sizes have had to adjust how they communicate both internally and externally. Video conferencing usage has skyrocketed, and the use of mobile phones has increased exponentially. In the wake of all this change, many businesses are […]