Streamlining School Communications with VoIP Phone Systems 

voip phone systems for schools

As the world becomes more digitalized every day, all industries are rushing to upgrade their communications with modern technology. Schools shouldn’t be the exception. Why? Because effective communication is critical in schools. From staff members to parents and students, communication plays a vital role in the success of a school. However, traditional scholastic phone systems can be expensive and inflexible, making it difficult for schools to communicate effectively.   

This is where VoIP phone systems for schools come in. They offer a cost-effective, flexible, and reliable way for schools to communicate, making it easier to streamline communication processes. This blog will provide an overview of how VoIP phone systems can help schools transform their communications. And we’ll introduce you to an additional tool that will quickly become your best friend: SQUIBIT. 

Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Schools 

VoIP phone systems are an excellent option for schools because they offer a wide array of benefits and features that can help school staff streamline their communications while staying as affordable as possible. Let’s dive into those benefits, shall we?  

  • Cost savings: VoIP phone systems for schools are usually significantly less expensive than traditional ones. They do not require costly hardware and can be managed remotely, lowering maintenance costs.  
  • Increased mobility and flexibility: With VoIP phone systems, staff can take their phones wherever they go, making it simpler to communicate from anywhere. Mobility like this is beneficial for schools with remote learning programs or teachers who travel between classrooms.  
  • Improved call quality and reliability: VoIP phone systems can offer a higher sound quality compared to traditional phone systems. This is because if you have a high-quality internet connection, your calls will also be high quality, resulting in improved call performance and dependability.  
  • Better management and control of phone system: Schools can now have greater control over their phone networks thanks to VoIP phone systems. They can manage the system remotely and easily add or remove phone lines as needed. 

Great! Now, what is SQUIBIT? 

Great question, my friend! You probably remember that we mentioned that name all the way up in the second paragraph, so it’s time to explain ourselves. SQUIBIT is AllTel Networks’ exclusive VoIP communications platform. Designed with educators in mind, it offers a VoIP phone system for schools that works alongside other communication methods to give you a high-performing unified communications platform.   

Specially made for educators, we also developed SQUIBIT UC, a web meeting platform that works as a virtual classroom. It allows teachers to digitalize their day-to-day functions and makes their lives easier by streamlining processes. Other benefits include:  

  • High Customization: SQUIBITUC is designed to suit the specific needs of schools. It includes tools like attendance tracking, virtual whiteboards, and classroom-specific breakout rooms.  
  • User-friendly Controls: The SQUIBITUC interface is user-friendly and straightforward to use, making it suitable for employees and students.  
  • Complete Security: The SQUIBITUC platform employs end-to-end encryption to safeguard conversations and data.  

Compared to other popular meeting platforms such as Google Classroom and Blackboard, educators will find SQUIBIT is a more affordable option and better suited to teachers’ specific needs. It is also a better-performing meeting platform with unique features for a digital classroom setting.  

Best Practices for Implementing VoIP Phone Systems and SQUIBIT in Schools 

When setting up VoIP phone systems for schools and meeting platforms like SQUIBIT in schools, there’s a lot of planning and effort involved. To help you out, here are some tips to keep in mind:  

  • Assess Your Needs. Before jumping into VoIP phone systems or meeting platforms, it’s essential to assess your communication requirements. It will help you determine which features and capabilities you need to communicate effectively.  
  • Create a Solid Plan. A comprehensive plan is essential when implementing VoIP phone systems and meeting platforms. Make sure to outline your goals, budget, and timeline, and assign critical stakeholders to the proper roles and responsibilities.  
  • Train Staff Members. Adequate training for all staff members will help guarantee that everyone is familiar with and capable of using the technology. 

Ready to Switch Over to Quality Communications? 

Effective communication is essential in schools. VoIP phone systems and meeting platforms like SQUIBIT provide a cost-effective, flexible, and dependable way to streamline communication processes. At All Tel Networks, we are dedicated to matching schools with the perfect solutions for their specific needs – and keep them ahead of the curve as technology advances.  

If you want to learn more about how VoIP phone systems and the SQUIBIT meeting platform can benefit your school, contact us today to schedule a discovery session. Our team of experts will gladly help you develop a customized communication solution at a price you can afford.