Why You Need a Business Phone System 

man using a business phone system

Business communications have changed dramatically over the last few years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, companies of all shapes and sizes have had to adjust how they communicate both internally and externally. Video conferencing usage has skyrocketed, and the use of mobile phones has increased exponentially. In the wake of all this change, many businesses are questioning the relevance of their business phone system. Are they still as relevant as they were ten, or even five, years ago?  

The answer is yes. Business phone systems are still relevant, especially those that are backed by the power of VoIP – allowing calls to be delivered over the internet rather than over traditional copper lines. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. This is why we’ve compiled a list of five reasons why a business phone system is still necessary for your business.  

1. Consolidates Your Communications into One Simple Solution 

With the advent of unified communications, your business phone system is no longer limited to phone calls alone. It can consolidate many crucial communication features in one web-based user interface. Users can easily join video and audio conferences, instant message coworkers, screen calls, forward calls, record calls, monitor calls, and more from one location.  

While useful, home and mobile phones can’t screen calls and route them based on preset rules. They can’t integrate with your CRM, email, or helpdesk software. Only a business phone system gives you that kind of integration support.  

2. A Good Business Phone System Allows for Simple Scalability 

Thanks to a great deal of national and international uncertainty, many businesses are seeing fluctuations in their workforce. Some are expanding at rapid rates while others are experiencing longer lulls than before. No matter if you’re scaling up or down, a business phone system can help. VoIP and cloud-based business phone systems allow you to add or subtract users whenever you need to, no extra steps or hidden fees required. You can also easily remove features you aren’t using or add ones you desperately need with little to no impact on your business or your bottom line. Can a consumer telephone system do that?  

3. A Good Business Phone System Maintains Employee Privacy 

If you’re like many other businesses, you and your employees have given out your personal cell phone numbers to customers. Initially, it seems like a good idea. It gives you the flexibility to work on the go and gives your customers that personal connection they crave. But over time having customers call you whenever they need you will grow tiresome. Your work-life balance will become skewed and lead to a fast and fiery burnout.  

Giving personal numbers to customers not only negatively affects you and your employees but it can also negatively affect your business. Sensitive and proprietary data is now being stored on personal devices, putting your business and your customers at risk. 

Business phone systems offer simple ways to separate work calls from personal calls. Most VoIP phone systems come with a softphone application that allows you to turn any device into a secure office line just by logging in. It also allows you to up call forwarding rules. If a customer calls your office number while you’re out, the call can be forwarded to your personal cell phone without compromising your privacy or the security of your business.  

4. Preserves Professionalism in Communication 

Maintaining an air of professionalism in communication is crucial for any business – big or small. It emphasizes that your brand is an authority in your market, and that your business can handle any problems your customers might face quickly and efficiently.  

A business phone system is an immense help in these instances. It allows you to route calls to the right people at the right times using an IVR or automated attendant, record branded voicemail messages, and transfer calls between phone lines without missing a beat. These seemingly little touches go a long way in helping you provide excellent service to your customers and maintain an air of professionalism no matter where you might be. 

5. A Good Business Phone System Enables Excellent Business Continuity 

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that customers today expect businesses to be available whenever they need them to be. Getting an out-of-office notification, or being sent to voicemail when they call, frustrates them easily and could lead to the loss of an account. So, what’s a business to do?  

Invest in a business phone system. Not only does it allow you to route calls to another staff member if you’re busy, but it also offers automated agents. This means after-hours questions can be answered without any human intervention, giving your customers the service they need when they need it.   

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