What is a Contact Center? 

Person working with a contact center

It’s no secret that consumer standards for service have risen exponentially in recent years. Whether it’s a contact center or a call center, consumers expect companies to provide fast and personalized customer care. This could be over multiple communication channels – not just phone and email. And they’re willing to pay for it. In fact, […]

How To Avoid Nuisance Calls

Avoiding Nuisance Calls

There is a huge problem that is plaguing the front lines of our businesses. I am referring to nuisance calls.  Let’s face it, key personnel who answer and field phone calls are the front lines of any business.  Robocalls are constantly increasing, and every day businesses are wasting time and money answering these unwanted calls.  […]

What Differentiates One UC Platform for the Next

When choosing between unified communications (UC) platforms and vendors, it’s important to understand not all vendors offer the same level of services.  While every vendor may claim they offer unified communications, the reality is each vendor typically may only offer one or two aspects of UC while others may offer more complete UC solutions.  For […]

VoIP Then & Now: An Evolution in Voice Communication

A Historical glance at VoIP Back in 1973, the government was conducting experiments in data transmissions of voice communication whilst working on the project ARPANET which would later blossom into the Internet we know and rely on today. Over the next two decades, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) would develop not becoming commercially available until […]

Hosted VoIP and The Benefits to the Education System


The Communication Needs of The Administration Most people immediately think of the needs of the students and their futures when considering the education system, and rightfully so. We consider the teachers and their classrooms along with their needs for supplies. We tend to overlook the administration behind the curtain. The people who handle the day […]