5 Hints That it May Be Time to Update Your PBX Box 


If you have a PBX box for your business, it’s time to assess how well it is working for you. How long have you had your PBX box? Do you have frequent issues with your system? These are a few questions that you should ask yourself that are small cues to let you know it may be time for an update, as most PBX boxes need to be updated every 10-15 years.  

Hint 1: You Visit Your PBX Box Room Regularly 

IT people know technological equipment, that’s their job. If you don’t have an IT person, and technology issues fall on your shoulders, sometimes knowing less is more. That means if you have spent too much time getting to know your PBX box, it’s probably not working the way it should be.  

Properly functioning PBX boxes need very little attention. They just work the way they should. If you or one of your employees are working on the PBX box regularly, that is a good sign that something is very wrong with your system, and it is time for an update or upgrade. 

Hint 2: Your PBX Box Maintenance is Ongoing 

A glaring hint that you need to update your phone system is if you have an IT professional at your office very often working on your PBX box. Again, PBX boxes should be fairly “hands-off.” If you need to have a professional in your office often, it is a good indication that your system needs an update. Using an outside IT technician can prove to be especially expensive as well, as the older your system is, the less likely you are to find a variety of IT people who can fix your phone system. 

Hint 3: Your PBX Box has Pieces That are Impossible to Replace 

When you work on your PBX box, you may find that you need to replace old parts. If you can no longer buy the pieces you need, that’s a good indication that your system is outdated and should be replaced. It is important to get ahead of the curve on this one, because if you wait too long to replace certain parts, your business could be left without phone service.  

If you can find the parts and pieces you need to fix your PBX box, it will be very expensive. Also, you will then need to pay a technician to install the part, only adding to the growing expenses. 

Hint 4: All Systems Go….or Not 

When your PBX box starts dropping features, it may be time for an alternative phone system. As PBX boxes start to fail, certain features will stop working while others continue as normal. This means you may still be making and taking calls like normal, but your voicemail has stopped working. Then, like an untrustworthy car, once you fix that part of the system, another feature will drop. The question is do you keep sinking money into fixing your system piece by piece or just upgrade to a more trustworthy phone solution? 

Hint 5: You Need More Features 

A PBX box has limited use. Your business can make and take phone calls, transfer calls from department to department and you can check voicemail. However, these are all very basic phone features. If this is all your phone solution allows you to do, it might be time for an upgrade.  

Time to Upgrade 

Now that we have gone through some hints that it might be time for an upgrade, it’s time to look at a possible solution. A cloud-based VoIP solution may be just what you need to stop focusing so much on your PBX box and get back to work.  When you use a cloud-based system, the PBX box, hard wires, and maintenance are no longer your responsibility. They are housed and taken care of by your provider.   

When you use a cloud-based solution, you can add a lot of features to your phone solution. Not only can you take and make calls, transfer, and check your voice mail, but you can do so much more. Cloud-based features include texting, voicemail transcription, and device mobility.  

Now that you are ready to upgrade to a cloud-based solution, it’s time to give All Tel Networks a call. We are here to help you make the transition from your old PBX box to a new solution that will allow you to focus on your customers and stop worrying about your phone service. Contact Us Today!