How To Avoid Nuisance Calls

Avoiding Nuisance Calls

There is a huge problem that is plaguing the front lines of our businesses. I am referring to nuisance calls.  Let’s face it, key personnel who answer and field phone calls are the front lines of any business.  Robocalls are constantly increasing, and every day businesses are wasting time and money answering these unwanted calls.  With scammers on the rise and the volume of robocalls climbing out of control, it is becoming more and more difficult to determine what calls are legitimate without wasting a lot of time on the phone. 

According to MarketWatch, “U.S. businesses spend more than 20 million hours answering unwanted phone calls each year.”  According to a study by Marchex, it is estimated that small businesses lose nearly 20 million hours from lost productivity caused by handling unwanted phone calls.  Just in February 2021, there were 4.6 billion robocalls placed.  That averages out to 165 million robocalls per day, 6.9 million robocalls per hour, 1.9 thousand robocalls per second, and an average of approximately 14 robocalls per person, according to “Nationwide Robocall Data by YouMail Robocall Index.”

Businesses need a way to cut down on these calls and enable their staff to focus on meaningful business phone calls.  At All Tel Networks, we offer optional robocall and scam prevention along with a variety of effective filtering tools that can reduce and potentially eliminate unwanted calls.  We do this by enabling various filtering metrics which include analyzing the reputation scores of incoming caller-ID’s against a growing database of known bad actors. We create custom rules that can allow or block specific phone numbers.  Reputation is everything these days and believe it or not, scammers and robocallers are generating their own reputation scores on their caller-ID.  Our caller analyzer looks at these reputation scores.  Incoming calls with a good reputation score will be allowed through while incoming calls with a bad reputation score will be blocked from ever reaching your office.  It’s easy to get setup with this service.  Your staff won’t wonder anymore if the person calling is a robot or scam caller.  Contact us today to learn more about our nuisance call prevention and how it can help your business.